Message from Anishininew Okimawin

 Grand Chief Scott Harper

It gives me great pleasure to present to the people of Anishininew Okimawin the new and updated Anishininew Okimawin and Island Lake Tribal Council Inc. website in association with the member First Nations of Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake,  St. Theresa Point and  Wasagamack. The four member First Nations along with capable staff of Anishininew Okimawin and Island Lake Tribal Council have initiated, developed and implemented a variety of local and regional support and advisory services in response to the identified needs of the membership.   The Island Lake Tribal Council inc.'s growth and development since 1982 has been the result of many individual's hard work, perseverance and determination and has been supported by the people of Island Lake. We hope that the new Anishininew Okimawin will follow in these footsteps and be a very successful endeavor.  In this website, we have an opportunity to show you what services we provide and outlines a brief introduction of the programs that are available at Anishininew Okimawin and Island Lake Tribal Council inc.

This dedication has enabled us to make a unique contribution to community development in Island Lake.  With your continued support and vision, the future looks bright...




 News and Updates:


October 11, 2022

Grand Chief Scott Harper signing Memorandum of Understanding between Harvest Manitoba and Anishininew Okimawin (Island Lake Tribal Council) to deliver services and food to our 4 communities and urban peoples. Food Banks Canada and Nutrition North Canada will also participate in the initiative.


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