Anishininew Okimawin, Island Lake Tribal Council and AFLFS Staff Listing

The Office of Anisininew Okimawin Grand Chief

Grand Chief Scott Harper, Anisininew Okimawin

Sally Harper, Anisininew Okimawin Executive Assistant

Gloria Munroe, Administrative Assistant



Rachel Flett, ILTC Executive Assistant 
Finance Director

Betsy Harper, Finance Clerk

Susan Fiddler, Receptionist

Vanessa Flett, IT Administrative Assistant

Anisininew Family Law and Family Services

Sharon Wood, Director of Governance and Legal

Mary Anne Clarke, AFLFS Transition Coordinator

Marilyn Harper, AFLFS Executive Assistant

Sarah Monias, Northern Transition Worker

Linda Harper, AFLFS Implementation Worker

Rebecca Monias, AFLFS Implementation Worker

Ruth Beardy, AFLFS Implementation Worker

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program

Natalie Flett, ISETP Program Manager

Marcelline Flett, ISETP Admin/Finance

Kayla Harper, Administrative Support

Lands, Resources and Environment

Nation Rebuilding

Assistant Regional NRP Worker

Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination

RIRSD Program Manager

Social Development

Social Development Advisor

J. James McDougall, Social Development Advisor Assistant

Technical Services

Clarence Harper, Technical Services Manager
- Fire Safety, Housing, O & M

Derek Harper, Operations & Maintenance Officer

Clarence Taylor, Maintenance Worker

Christine Dan, Custodian

Forest Monias, Custodian

Faron Mcdougall, Custodian