In Administration, we have an obligation to provide leadership to over-all management of the entire operations of the Tribal Council.  We report directly to the Chiefs from Island Lake First Nations who serve as Board of Directors for the Tribal Council.  At the same time, our office attempts to provide all relevant information, analysis and assessments on issues to the Chiefs to assist their representation and leadership responsibilities.

Administration and Operations.

 The Executive Director has the over-all responsibilities for management of the organization and other entities established by the Chiefs on behalf of ILTC.  In order to provide such operations, ILTC relies on key personnel who are committed to ensuring on-going success with all sectors.  With the on-going initiatives within the past year, ILTC has been providing administrative support in assisting entities, time and resources to develop their internal administrative operations.  Such Support can be viewed as transitional.  This support requires additional time and energies by staff aside from their own duties and responsibilities.

Program and service delivery;
Comprehensive strategic planning;

  • Human resources;
  • Financial Standards;
  • Development initiatives, and; Advocacy
  • Regional Organizations working along side with the Tribal Council are:
  • Four Arrows Regional Health Authority
  • Island Lake First Nation Family Services
  • Neewin Health Inc.
  • Nor-win Construction Company

The administration and management of Tribal include: