Garden Hill, MB R0B 0T0

 Tele: (204) 456-2085

 Fax: (204) 456-9315


Current Chief and Council:

Chief Charles Knott

Vice-Chief Lorne Keno

Councilor Martinus McKay

Councilor Roni Beardy

Councilor Wayne Harper

Councilor Robert Little

Councilor Audrey Monias

Councilor Mike Taylor

Councilor Russell Wood

Garden Hill Anisininew Nation

The community of Garden Hill is located on the North Shore of Island Lake. Garden Hill is located 610 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg and 350 air kilometers southeast of Thompson.



Until 1969, Garden Hill, Wasagamack, St. Theresa Point, and Red Sucker Lake all comprised the single Lake First Nation. The First Nation is signatory to the 1909 adhesion to Treaty 5.



The native language is the Island Lake dialect, Oji-Cree.



As of February 2015 Garden Hill First Nations had a registered population of 4,567 with 3918 members living on reserve and 649 members living off reserve. Members elect a chief, vice chief and seven Councillors through a Custom Electoral System