ILTC is provincially registered non-profit corporation for the purposes of facilitating the promotion of Island Lake First Nation Governance and self-determination aspirations.  The management and Board of Directors are required to comply with the statutory regulations governing the incorporation.  One of these requirements is the annual report of ILTC operations including its financial state.  It is important for members to realize the structure or the make-up of the ILTC Inc.  The following four components guide the operations of the corporation.

   1.       Proprietorship

   2.       Board of Directors – Governance

   3.       Administration
   4.       Program Delivery and Services.
The responsibility of the Board of Directors which reflects the interests, activities and objectives of the Tribal council are divided into the following specific portfolios areas:
         ♦ Administration and Operations
         ♦ Political and Governmental relations
         ♦ Economic development
         ♦ Education;  
         ♦ Social development and health;
         ♦ Housing and capital infrastructure.
Over the past few years, ILTC has undertaken new initiatives under the direction of the Board of Directors.  These initiatives are commercial undertakings to respond to Island Lake First Nations needs and demands.  The prime purpose for these undertakings, aside from meeting the needs of the communities, is to gain wealth by making profit and, hopefully such as to re-invest wealth.  These initiatives, in due time, will be an asset for Island Lake First Nations proving on-going employment and equity for further re-investments.