St. Theresa Point First Nation

St. Theresa Point, MB, R0B 1J0

Tele: (204) 462-2106

Fax: (204) 462-2646

Current Chief and Council:

Chief Elvin Flett

Head Councillor Ralph Harper

Councillor John Paul Mason

Councillor Marcel Mason

Councillor Walter Harper

Councillor Victor Walker

Councillor Gregory Wood

Councillor Vernon J. Wood

Councillor Marie A. Wood

St. Theresa Point First Nation

The St Theresa Point First Nation occupies the Reserve area located on the southwestern shore of Island Lake immediately south of the Wasagamack Reserve. Thompson is 350 air kilometers to the northwest and Winnipeg is 600 air kilometers to the southwest.



The First Nation is signatory to the 1909 adhesion to Treaty 5.



The language is the Island Lake dialect Oji-Cree.



As of December 2014 the First Nation had a registered population of 4,069 out of which 3,795 lived on their own reserve.